Turkey has hosted many great civilizations from Neolithic ages up to the present. Culture is just like a thick wall consisting of different sizes and shapes of stones each one of them represents a civilization. There is no possibility to disregard even the smallest part. We offer you to take a walk along that wall from beginning to the end. With our specially prepared tour programs, you will be able to move on the wall as you wish.  ( TOPKAPI PALACE - HAGIA SOPHIA - DOLMABAHCE PALACE - BASILICA (UNDERGROUND) CISTERN (YEREBATAN) - GRAND BAZAAR AND SPICE MARKET - ISTANBUL ARCHEOLOGY MUSEUM - ANKARA ANATOLIAN CIVILIZATIONS MUSEUM - GOREME OPEN AIR MUSEUM - EPHESUS - PAMUKKALE & HIERAPOLIS - HARRAN - ANTAKYA ARCHAELOGY MUSEUM - ANI RUINS ).


Belief has been the greatest power collecting communities in the history. People have thought the way to reach the God and religions gave them an answer. But sometimes, it was so hard to follow these steps. Sometimes, they needed to hide in rock hewn caves in Cappadocia; sometimes they fled from cruelties and found pieces in different lands just like Sephardic Jews who were brought to Istanbul. Some of them died on behalf of God and people never forgot their names just like Eyup El Ensari or St. Euphemia. If you want to learn more details, our detailed itineraries prepared by professional advisors will give you an idea about rich religious heritage in Turkey.( HAGIA SOPHIA - TOPKAPI PALACE - EYUP SULTAN MOSQUE - GREEK ORTHODOX PATRIARCH - HOLY CHURCH (KARIYE MUSEUM) - ANTAKYA SAINT PETER CAVE CHURCH - SEVEN CHURCHES OF REVELATION - POOL OF SACRED FISH - MARDIN - HOUSE OF VIRGIN MARY ).


Following the footsteps of the ancestors to recall their memories and imagining what they lived and saw will help us to beet understand our present and future. Turkey hosts some of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and each of them deserves their title. This paths of ancestors may take you to narrow streets of Hittites Capital city or Kamondo‘s staircases. Maybe you will rest on the top of the Mt. Nemrut or walk in battlegrounds of Gallipoli and try to imagine how they felt before they had closed their eyes to the world in Çanakkale War.( ANZAC (GALLIPOLI) - JEWISH HERITAGE - GOREME OPEN AIR MUSEUM - SAFRANBOLU - PAMUKKALE & HIERAPOLIS - TROY - HATTUSA - MT. NEMRUT ) .



After a year with a continuous working pace, a relaxing holiday is the best reward. We know the value of it and offer a luxury leisure experience for your holiday. Especially Bodrum – Fethiye section is just like a part of the heaven with its nature; crystal clear water and sandy beaches such as Oludeniz, Luxury resorts, boutique hotels and natural bays of this region are very famous and welcome all yachts to their sheltered water. Each of them is like a priceless gem with their turquoise colour water, especially Gocek. For those who want a little adventure in leisure, we can also provide scuba diving, paragliding or jeep safari depending on the region.



Because of the mix of Eastern and Western culture as a bridge between, Turkish art is specialized in different branches of art. Drawing a portrait was forbidden until 16th Century and it forced artists to use only floral and geometrical motifs. These motifs were applied as a painting, carving, weaving, inlaying, filigreeing or embroidering. But there are other branches that are less known such as book binding, jewel crafting, copper-making, calligraphy and Ebru (marbling). During your tours, you will visit, also try if you want to do some of them; but if you have special interest to any of them, we can make your own Turkish Art tour about the branch you are interested in. 




Turkey always thought as a mosaic regarding its colourful & rich culture. Each region has their own special thing (food, clothes or decorative items…) and those things helps to culture stay alive and forwarded to future generations. Hand-made towels weaved in weaving-loom, hand-painted tiles, hand-made copper items, special design jewels, decorative items… Those items are not just buyable things but cultural representatives…Shopping seems like a basic activity and generally people summarize it just spent time & money. However, there are few people who enjoy shopping in a professional way.