There are numerous reasons for visitingTurkey. To begin with, this wonderful land is blessed by a lovely nature. Surrounded by seas on three sides, it is covered by mountains, forests, steppes and all sorts of land variations, all of which are of superb beauty. Indeed, the big part of the country is as lovely as a national park. The genuine friendliness and traditional hospitality of Turkish people towards visitors are wellknown worldwide. And then of course, the history of this land, called Anatolia, is incredibly rich and long.

Turkey has hosted more than 36 civilizations over the past 5000 years. The whole country is the reflection of this richness; through its culture, traditions and archeology. Turkey still hosts many ethnic and religious minorities such as Armenians, Jewish, Christians, old Levantine families and much more. Ottoman Empire is the most influential civilization on today’s Turkey. The famous silhouette of Istanbul, great monuments, famous tiles and Ottoman cuisine are some examples. Their influence on daily life, architecture, literature and art are impressive. Turkey has borders with Armenia, Iran, Syria, Greece, Bulgaria and Georgia all of which also have great influence on the culture of Turkey.

As a matter of fact, Turkey is the cradle of civilizations and Travel invites you to follow their footsteps in their motherland…

The most difficult change in any society is probably a language reform. Most nations never attempt it; those who do, usually prefera gradual approach. Under Atatürk’s Leadership, Turkey undertook the modern world’s swiftest and most extensive language reform.

In 1928, when he decided that the Arabic script, which had been used by Turks for a thousand year, should be replaced with the Latin alphabet. He asked the experts: “How long would it take?” Most of them replied: “At least five years.” “We shall do it,” Ataturk said, “within five months”.
Today, Turkey has major universities all over the country. Except for Europe and North America she has one of the world’s highest ratios of university graduates to population. English and German are widely spoken in hotels and restaurants resorts and cities. In villages it can be difficult to find people who speak languages other than Turkish. But the natural friendliness of Turkish people will overcome many barriers. If you learn even a few basic words of Turkish you will be rewarded with an enthusiastic response form the people.

It is a well- known fact to those who have already been to Turkey, which The Turkish Republic is a singular and unique country, totally different from all Islamic countries of the world. It is indeed a modern, democratic, secular country, where everyone can openly belong to any religion of their choice. This is guaranteed by the Constitution itself. Although the great majority of the population is Moslems, there is total respect and tolerance towards other convictions,cultures and descent.

You need to be aware though that Turkey, some areas are still conservative and the values of Islam are widely respected. Very informal or revealing clothing can be seen as disrespectful, especially in small towns.